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Driving or travelling as a passenger while pregnant is riskier than you might think. Common seat belts are not designed for pregnant women, in a way that would prevent injuring the fetus in a frontal crash. Watch this heart-felt video below.

Use the Globitec Seat Belt adaptor to divert the seat belt below the baby bump. Travel safe.
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With the help of the Globitec seat belt adaptor you will be able to redirect the seat belt below the pregnant belly, protecting your baby in the event of a crash and avoiding possible trauma, injuries and abortion. 

Globitec Smart Bags

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multi-purpose solution

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose solution to keep your baby milk cold or warm look no further. These Globitec bags use the latest isothermal three layer insulation technology. It is a revolutionary new system, which protects products from temperature changes by maintaining a suitable temperature at all times


A simple switch of the straps and these bags are converted from backpacks to shoulder bags. Multifunctional and versatile, you can use these bags for almost anything. They have a large capacity and are divided into two main insulated compartments.


We really do need to carry it all. These smart bags come in four different designs combining practicality with style. Check them out!